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In a single year, between 2010 and 2011, wine consumption in the United States saw a 4.5 percent increase. In 2011, total U.S. wine consumption stood at 849 million gallons. By 2016, it was 949 million gallons. Clearly, demand is up and shows no signs of heading in the other direction. Greater demand requires upgrades in wine production, and that need affects–among other kinds of equipment–pumps and seals.  

It’s no small thing that CinchSeal rotary shaft seals hold the “accepted” designation from the United States Department of Agriculture. This label alone separates CinchSeal from its competition and adds to an assurance that the seals will prevent contamination.

Nowhere more than in dairy processing is contamination control important. It can mean the difference not only between profit and loss for the processor but also, for consumers, sickness and health and even life and death.

Everything breaks. Nothing lasts forever. Both of these statements are true. But are they good reasons to justify something going wrong and resulting in costly repairs?

For reliability and proofing managers, there is no justification. If managers can’t show improved cost savings year after year, they pay the difference out of their own pocket. It sounds like a risky way to make a living, but it does provide an incentive to perform at the highest level.

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