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Rotary Shaft Series compatible with Battery Mixers

CinchSeal offers a wide assortment of battery sealing solutions. Several of our rotary shaft seal types are perfectly suited for industrial battery mixers. If you’re looking for unmatched sanitary seals, the 7800 & 9700 seals are made from 316 Stainless Steel.

Leakage and contamination in the battery industry are difficult to eliminate, but our tried and tested rotary seals can accomplish this. Explore our full line of rotary shaft seals by size and design here.

Battery Sealing Solutions

7800 Series – Rotary Shaft Seals

The newly designed 7800 Series CinchSeal for screw conveyors and other bulk handling equipment is made out of 316 Stainless Steel to handle dry and slurry products in the food service, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. This rotary shaft seal design is ideal for battery mixers.

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Battery Shaft Seals

9700 Split SS Seal – Rotary Shaft Seal

The 9700 split seal is machined out of stainless steel and all internal parts meet USDA standards for indirect food contact. This split seal is recommended for all other industries such as food and cheese processing, spices and flavorings, pharmaceutical, and chemical that require stainless steel due to caustic wash downs and sanitary requirements.

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