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Clinker Grinder Seals

New Clinker Grinder Seal

CinchSeal Replaces Leaking Mechanical Packing on Clinker Grinders!

Why continue with high maintenance costs resulting from leaking mechanical grinder packing? Operational stalls cause shaft deflection, which is absorbed by the packing, allowing leakage. Abrasive materials migrate under the packing, wearing on the shaft, further reducing the packing efficiency.

High Quality Seals for Clinker Grinders

Cinchseal’s unique rotary shaft seal design can absorb the shaft deflection. Its wearing mechanical seal surfaces are within its own components and most importantly not on the shaft.

No Leakage + No Shaft Wear = Compensation for Shaft Deflection

The CinchSeal rotary seal is repairable with its own repair kit. It’s easy to install by removing the existing stuffing box and bolting it to the bulkhead.

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