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Rotary Shaft Seals Extend the Lifespan of Pug Mill Mixers

The importance of pug mills is evident to any business owner whose operation relies on mixing materials from clay, ash, and concrete to chocolate and sugar. Keeping these machines running at peak efficiency is essential for ensuring those materials get mixed, blended, or kneaded to the right consistency. The effectiveness of the rotary shaft seal used to protect a pug mill will directly impact how long the mixer’s bearings and gears will last. That’s where CinchSeal rotary shaft seals come into play.

The CinchSeal Approach to Lasting Rotary Shaft Seals

At CinchSeal, we offer a variety of rotary shaft seal options to suit your need, many of which are expressly designed for use with equipment like pug mills. These include:

  • The 7800 Series rotary shaft seals, made from durable 316 stainless steel and built to handle both dry and slurry products in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food service industries among others.
  • The 9700 series split seal, which is machined out of stainless steel and offers all internal parts that meet or exceed USDA standards for indirect food contact.

CinchSeal rotary shaft seals feature an innovative silicone elastomer that is built to move with the shaft. This helps prevent friction that causes pug mills to wear down, the result being reduced maintenance and replacement costs. The uniquely large shaft/seal interface surface cuts down on wear and prevents leaks before they start.

When you purchase from CinchSeal, you’ll enjoy a wide range of additional benefits. Not only do our rotary shaft seals represent an incredible achievement in sealing technology, but they are also designed to help you achieve fast return on investment by eliminating material loss AND preventing shaft wear.

All of this brings with it the most important benefit of all: reducing downtime as much as possible, all in an effort to guarantee that your business is always making money and moving forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • The lifespan of your pug mill is directly impacted by the condition of important elements like gears and bearings.
  • Supporting those components requires you to pay careful attention to things like rotary shaft seal tolerances and other factors.
  • CinchSeal offers a wide range of different rotary shaft seals for you to choose from, depending on your needs, all with the unmatched reliability you need to preserve your pug mill for as long as possible.

For more information on how CinchSeal can help significantly extend the lifespan of your pug mill, don’t hesitate to contact us today.