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CinchSeal Radial Shaft Seals Achieve Rapid ROI in the Mining Industry

rugged rotary shaft seal for harsh gold mine processingWith reduced powder leaks and other big benefits, CinchSeal rotary shaft seals generate nearly instant ROI for any company committed to the mining process. Rotary seals are a big expense for most companies, not so much because the seals themselves are costly but because of the damage that can be caused when the seals fail to do their jobs correctly. By preventing leaks that damage equipment, CinchSeal is saving companies money. Product loss is also reduced, further improving ROI.

There’s a lot of confusion about what constitutes a shaft seal in the mining and gold mining industry, and which kinds of industrial seals are the right choice for the mixing or screw conveying equipment. That’s because there are O-rings, braided packing, mechanical face seals, and lip seals. But that’s not the only confusion. Lip seals are often called mechanical seals, which aren’t the same product. It’s also the way these rotary seals for the mining industry work and how they’re used, which can result in their ineffectiveness to keep product from working its way up the shaft and past the seal.

How Most Shaft Seals Work

The majority of rotary shaft seals on the market today are called lip seals. These are placed in the cylinders and located around the shaft to enclose it. They theoretically stop anything from leaking through, so whatever is lubricating the shaft or that the shaft is going into can’t come up through the seal and get into other areas. A lip seal works by essentially being sandwiched between two pieces of metal.

These metal pieces are then tightened against one another with a screw, which stops any material from working its way up the shaft past the point where the seal is used. But this process is somewhat imperfect, as it doesn’t always work as well as intended and provides a lot of seal challenges. That means the sealing process isn’t completely thorough and there will be product leakage and possible contamination. Not only does that result in loss of product, but it also means maintenance and potential damage for the equipment being used.

What is CinchSeal?

A better sealing technology – a CinchSeal rotary shaft seal works differently from other types of seals that are already on the market. The solid or split, aluminum or stainless steel rotary shaft seals offered by CinchSeal provide a higher ROI because they reduce the amount of downtime and maintenance that large machinery needs in the mining process.

How is CinchSeal Different?

These mechanical seals for the mining industry have a rotating and self-adjusting design, which eliminates unscheduled downtime and maintenance that comes from ineffective seals that don’t keep product in. The elastomer sealing element allows for self-adjustment and that means there’s constant pressure against all sealing surfaces. With constant pressure, you don’t have any leaks. Not only that, but CinchSeal can be disassembled to only replace wearable sealing elements instead of the whole seal.

CinchSeal is different from the typical lip seal or other options on the market today and offers a lot of benefits. Among them is eliminating the risk of shaft damage. This new seal is also able to tolerate up to 1/4 inch (6.35 cm) of shaft misalignment without losing its ability to work properly. This amount of misalignment is common in bulk-handling equipment, and it’s something that most other rotary shaft seal manufacturers aren’t able to do.

Mechanical Seals for Mining Industry

Safety is Improved With CinchSeal

The ROI of a company isn’t the only thing CinchSeal can help with. Safety is also improved when the sealing process is reliable. Rotary seals that fail often cause equipment to fail, too. For anyone who’s working near that equipment, there’s the risk of harm. The mining process is inherently a dangerous one, and making it as safe as possible is important. By choosing CinchSeal for the rotary seals in their equipment, companies will make a safer work environment for everyone involved.

Let CinchSeal Improve Industrial Mining & Gold Mining Equipment Reliability

Reduced downtime is a big part of what CinchSeal offers. Without the need for unscheduled downtime and maintenance, companies can rely on the equipment to get the job done. The dry-running seal operation will also lower wear and tear on the seal itself, so it’s going to last longer. Instead of worrying about equipment breaking down, regular downtime and maintenance can be scheduled to keep everything on track and moving forward in the mining process. That’s not possible with other rotary shaft seal manufacturers and the products they offer.

The lowest-priced lip seals aren’t the best investment and won’t provide the ROI of CinchSeal. With CinchSeal, companies throughout the mining and gold mining industries can get a reliable product they can trust with the sealing process. Not only that, but they can repair the seal and replace parts as needed, so they won’t be buying new ones all the time. Coupled with the safety and improved equipment reliability offered by this product, there’s no reason to choose any other kind of rotary seals for mining equipment needs. CinchSeal is up to the task and provides quality and value for the mining process.