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Split rotary shaft seals by CinchSeal are mechanical seals with a split design for screw conveyors, mixers, and bulk-handling equipment. Ideal for sanitary food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications, split seals are easily installed and removed for cleanup between batches without needing to disassemble bulky process equipment.

Split Rotary Shaft Seal Services

Split rotary shaft seals reduce downtime since they don’t require the removal of the shaft during install or disassembly. Engineered especially for horizontal shafts that use grease for lubrication, or ones positioned below the centerline in fluid-lubricated applications, our split seals are a long-lasting sealing solution for machines common to the food and beverage industry and beyond.

Rotary Shaft Seal Benefits

Rotary shaft seals by CinchSeal have the lowest cost of ownership over their lifetime. They are built to last, making them ideal for machines that handle high product volumes and non-stop operation. When reducing downtime for maintenance is a must, rotary seals are the best fit.

The primary benefits of rotary shaft seals are:

  • No contamination or leakage: Produce safe products and save money.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduce material loss, maintenance costs, shaft damage, and power consumption.
  • Durable: The all-metal housing, compared to wearable lip seals and mechanical packing, is designed to be used in a wide variety of harsh environments. Whether used just a few times a week or all day every day, they are built to last.

Key Takeaways

  • For premium quality split rotary shaft seals, Cinchseal has you covered.
  • Split rotary shaft seals are ideal for the food and beverage industries among others because they are easy to remove and clean between batches.
  • Split rotary shaft seals are safe for all environments, cost-effective, and durable.

As a global leader and manufacturer of innovative rotary shaft seals for equipment such as screw conveyors, mixers and bulk-handling equipment for over 25 years, Cinchseal makes using and maintaining your equipment a cinch. Contact us today to get a quote and find out how our rotary shaft seals can help improve your business.