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Pet Food Processing

Rotary Seals for Pet Food Processing

Responsible pet owners want the best for their pets, and that means providing high-quality nutrient-rich food that their pets enjoy. Consequently, the best pet food merchants and distributors want to ensure that their equipment meets relevant industry standards as well as USDA regulations. 

Pet food manufacturing is a major service area for CinchSeal, serving the high demand for our “problem solving” seals. We have supplied seals for food and grain to major companies to be used to process ingredients via screw conveyors, silo augers, bucket elevators, and mixers and blenders that are used to process both animal feeds and pet foods. 

CinchSeal 9700 pet food rotary shaft sealCinchSeal 7800 pet food rotary shaft seal

Parts and Equipment for Pet Food Processing Plants

We provide a wide variety of seals such as the split, model 9700 Seal which is used on mixing and blending equipment that mix slurries, semi-solids and dry powders for food production applications.

pet food processing rotary shaft seals

At CinchSeal, we take the pet food production process very seriously. As every pet owner knows, an animal’s health can be extraordinarily sensitive. Even small amounts of foods, materials, or contaminants that most people consider innocuous can be deadly to a cat, dog, or other pet. For this reason, CinchSeal recognizes how important it is for every bag, box, and can of pet food to be pure, free of contamination as well as any and all organic and inorganic materials not listed on the package.

As one of the premier manufacturers of shaft seals for pet food processing equipment used in pet food manufacturing, we are proud to offer the most complete pet food bulk material processing solutions in the industry.

Our extensive expertise means CinchSeal can provide support and repair services for all of the pet food processing machinery we provide. Discover how CinchSeal can help streamline and optimize your pet food production process while ensuring the highest quality nutrition and safety.