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Pulp Mill

Pulp mill Cinch Seal Applications

Finally, a seal has been designed that can survive the difficult paper industry.

Lime, ash, and liquor sludges will not affect the CinchSeal . This means longer bearing life, less housekeeping and sanitary problems.

The CinchSeal creates reliability and reduces downtime. Production can go right along without glitches.

Log preparation area:

  • Waste bark bin conveyors
  • Chip bin feeder screw
  • Wood fiber screw

Chip washing & impregnation stages:

  • Chip conveyors move chips from steam bin
  • Chip washer
  • Chip screen conveyors
  • Chip drainer
  • Chip drain air system

All these applications have wood chips, water, and chemicals leading to the impregnator to breakdown wood’s lignin.


  • Chip digester screw
  • Impregnator screw
  • Side entry agitators
  • Refiner
  • Pulp cyclone
  • Id fan

From the impregnator the chips go to the refiners. The fibers are eventually seperated from the steam and the pulp goes into cleaning stages.

Bleaching, washing, screening and cleaning:

  • Andritz wash press augers
  • Andritz auger

The pulp is sent to a wash press where the remaining fluid is replaced with wash water. “Liquor” is added to the pulp as it heads to the bleaching tower. This process is repeated for four stages until the pulp is fully bleached and dried.

The screw conveyors should be made to Conveyor Equipment Manufacturer Association (CEMA) standards. Most screws will have stuffing boxes, which will be replaced with the CinchSeal ®. We need shaft diameter at the stuffing box.

Waste bark bin conveyors
Chip bin feeder screw
Wood fiber screw
Chip conveyor
Chip screen conveyors
Chip drainer