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Shaft Seal Designed For Drive End Of
Screw Conveyor Prevents Powder Leakage

PENNSAUKEN, NJ — CinchSeal has introduced the next generation of its successful CinchSeal rotary shaft seals to accommodate the screw shaft conveyor drive end as well as the tail or idle end. Like the original CinchSeal, used in thousands of dry material processing applications since its introduction in 1997, the drive end CinchSeal eliminates leakage and reduces power consumption in dry bulk material processing and handling equipment.

The new Drive End CinchSeal can be easily mounted to Dodge, Falk, Link Belt, Browning, Dorris, and other manufacturers of screw conveyor drives. The seal reduces costly parts to the drive assembly while ending material loss through leakage. The screw conveyor seals can be air-purged by drilling and tapping the adapter housing for standard pipe thread.

CinchSeal, instead of grabbing the rotating shaft like mechanical packing or lip seals, as is the customary sealing method, transfers the seal interface from the shaft to a much larger surface of polished stainless steel plated and PTFE rotor cups. CinchSeal president, David Pitchko, says the design of this module inherently provides self-cleaning and self-lubrication, so the seals actually operate dry with our industrial screw conveyor.

In most applications, the user may choose to add 2-5 psi of air pressure to the seal, creating a purge across the interface, to guarantee prevention of leakage. Higher air pressures are easily tolerated for special applications.

When installed on the power end of material handling equipment, the Drive End CinchSeal has been shown to save up to 60% of the power drained by standard shaft seals that don’t rotate with the shaft. Because the Drive-End CinchSeal applies no drag to the rotating shaft, it never scores or undercuts the shaft as well. CinchSeal is available to equipment manufacturers and as an aftermarket replacement for screw conveyors, bucket elevators, augers, and other bulk handling equipment. Installation and seal replacement of traditional seals are simple and routine procedures.

Optional machining materials are available for standard and sanitary applications, higher temperatures, and aggressive chemicals for standard and sanitary applications, higher temperatures, and aggressive chemicals. Contact us today for more information.