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Rotary Shaft Seal Videos

CinchSeal has revolutionized the rotary shaft seal industry for bulk liquid, slurry and powder mixing. Most modern mixers are still relying on 100-year-old rotary shaft technology, which causes product leakage, equipment damage, and product contamination. CinchSeal’s proven seal performance eliminates these problems through its patented design, which offers an immediate ROI when your machines are converted to our rotary seals.

As you’ll see from the mechanical seal video demonstrations on this page, our patented seal rotates with the shaft to prevent spillage and contamination. This reduces the wear and tear on your mixers. CinchSeal floats with your rotary shaft and accepts up to 1/4″ misalignment.

Upgrading your industrial seals to CinchSeal offers multiple benefits:

  • Extended equipment lifespan
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance
  • Less downtime and increased productivity
  • Quick ROI because far less product is wasted

Watch CinchSeal in action in the following demonstration rotary shaft seal videos:

CinchSeal’s self-adjusting and maintenance-free rotary shaft seals are designed for CEMA screw conveyors and bulk solids mixing and blending equipment. They are an upgrade from antiquated ropes and lip seals and prevent shaft wear, product contamination and recalls, provide superior ROI, and are designed to handle ¼” run-out. Watch this video to hear about the lip and mechanical packing difference.

Watch CinchSeal celebrating our 25th Anniversary and our proud achievements in the rotary shaft sealing industry for bulk powder, slurry, and semi-liquid mixing and CEMA screw conveyors. We now serve 2/3 of the world’s top food companies. Our customers include Cargill, Nestle, Mars, Kraft Heinz, Mondelez International, Tyson Foods, The Hershey Company, BASF, and others.

Learn How to Assemble CinchSeal Split & Solid Rotary Shaft Seals on Process Equipment.

Watch how to Assemble/Disassemble a CinchSeal on a MacIntyre Chocolate Refiner Conche.

Watch CinchSeal’s Company Overview On-Demand webinar.

Learn How CinchSeal’s Rotary Shaft Seals Are Used in the Lithium-Battery Application.

3D demo of how CinchSeal’s patented, leak- and maintenance-free seals compared to older technology.

How CinchSeal prevents spillage and keeps contaminants out of a heavy-duty industrial chocolate mixer.

CinchSeal on a PerMix PSG 100 offers immediate ROI due to spillage prevention.

Watch CinchSeal’s built-in air purge seal work in action on a PerMix Paddle Mixer.

CinchSeal has been increasing productivity for bulk solid, semi-liquid, and slurry mixture industries for over 25 years. Check out our Before and After Gallery to see the incredible, visible difference CinchSeal makes with cheese, molasses, pulp, and other industrial mixers and blenders. Our Gallery of Installs demonstrates some of the many applications of CinchSeal, even in small spaces.

When you are ready to increase productivity and decrease product loss by upgrading to CinchSeal, call us at 1-856-662-5162. CinchSeal can have a sealing solution design spec ready for you within 24 hours!