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7500 Series Rotary Shaft Seal Repair Kits

7520 Seal Repair Kit
7550 Seal Repair Kit

Rotary shaft seal repair kits for our CinchSeal 7500 series of products are available to order. Perfect for C.E.M.A. screw conveyors, bulk handling equipment, and more, these kits offer a cost effective way to keep your shaft seals operating at peak performance.

The 7520 seal repair kit consists of an elastomer boot and two PTFE stator plates, while the 7550 model consists of a solid elastomer boot and two PTFE rotor cups. Each assembly compresses into the mechanical seal as you tighten down the cover plate with four screws. The newly rebuilt seal is bolted to the machine where it will operate leak-free.

The elastomer boot tolerates temperatures up to 425°F and is made from FDA-approved silicone that handles 95% of industrial applications in the field. The elastomer boot grips and seals the rotary shaft without causing damage or wear, and drives the wearable PTFE seal faces to form the primary seal. Depending on the rotating speeds of the shaft, the PTFE can be blended with minerals to reduce the friction coefficient at the PTFE-to-metal interface.

The elastomer is molded slightly smaller than the shaft so an interference fit is achieved. This configuration creates a seal around the shaft which prevents product from migrating past and leaking out. Since the parts of the rotary shaft seal turn at the same speed as the shaft, shaft wear and damage is eliminated. In harsh process environments such as cement and gold mining, new rotary shaft seal repair kits should be applied every 6 months on average. In soft process applications such as cheese making, repair kits have an extended lifetime of a year or even several years.