Rotary Shaft Seals by CinchSeal

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Rotary Shaft Seals in Meat and Poultry Processing

Mixers and screw conveyors used for meat and poultry processing rely on rotary shaft seals to prevent leaks and spills and ensure sanitary, fresh end products. On meat blenders that leak, replacing common lip seals with CinchSeal rotary shaft seals saves money, reduces wear on rotating shafts, and eliminates sanitary issues. Our industrial seals are well-matched with mixers and screw conveyors. If you’re involved in the primary processing of meat and poultry, find out more about our rotary shaft seals to see how we can help your business achieve a fast ROI.

CinchSeal Meat & Poultry Rotary Shaft Seals

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Rotary Shaft Seals

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