Screw Conveyor Drive Cartridge Seals

Cartridge Seals are customized mechanical seals for rotary air locks in bulk handling equipment. They are designed to replace lip and packing seals in screw conveyors, specifically in the drive adapter plates from brands like Dodge and Falk.

With temperature ranges up to 200˚F / 93.3˚C, our Cartridge Seals are a variation on the CinchSeal mixer seal that accommodates the drive end of screw conveyors. Cartridge Seals can be easily mounted to your conveyor adapter plate to prevent leaks as well as reduce costly replacements and repairs to the drive assembly. The metal seals are air-purged by drilling and tapping the CEMA adapter housing for standard pipe thread. As a top mechanical cartridge seal manufacturer, CinchSeal has the experience and knowledge to help your business. Contact us today for more information on our mechanical seal cartridges, as well as cartridge mechanical seal installation!

Cartridge Seals for Screw Conveyor Drive

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