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7600 Series Industrial Rotary Shaft Seals

The maintenance-free 7620 and 7650 series solid aluminum rotary shaft seals by CinchSeal are designed for larger shaft sizes ranging from 3.937” to 6.00”. These seals are ideal for screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and other bulk handling equipment.

The 7620 model has a solid clear coat aluminum housing and endplate with solid hard coat anodized aluminum rotor cups and solid PTFE stator plates. The repair kits for the 7620 model are also solid.

The 7650 model has a solid hard coat anodized aluminum housing and endplate, but the internal parts of this model are split to make future repairs possible without having to unbolt the housing. Future seal parts in repair kits consist of split PTFE rotor cups and split elastomer.

  • Industrial seals designed for screw conveyors and other bulk handling equipment ranging from 3.937” to 6.00”
  • Temperature range: -50F to 400F
  • Designed to accommodate repair kits
  • Bolting pattern will accommodate flange mounted bearings
  • The housing is machined out of Anodized Aluminum
  • Designed to handle linear shaft growth, and 1/4” total radial shaft runout
  • Purge with air, 5 to 8 psi above vessel pressure, or silicone grease
  • Zero maintenance due to unique self adjusting design

The key component in the both the 7620 and 7650 seals is the blue elastomer molded out of an FDA-approved silicon material that is very durable and can handle temperatures up to 400F. The elastomer is molded slightly smaller than the shaft size so that an interference fit with the shaft is achieved. This snug fit seals the shaft and stops material from leaking out as well as causing the internal seal parts to turn with the shaft. Unlike mechanical packing and lip seals that are stationary and damage rotating shafts, our elastomer spins with the shaft thus eliminating any chance of shaft wear and damage. As the elastomer turns with the shaft it drives two rotating faces or “rotor cups” that are compressed with optimum load against stationary faces to seal potential leak paths. We offer the 7620 model with solid internals, and the 7650 model with split internals designed to be repaired with a split repair kit.

Rotary Shaft Seal Exploded View

7620 Seals

In the 7620 model, the internal sealing parts are solid and the seal must be unbolted and slide off an empty shaft to be rebuilt. The rotor cups are made out of aluminum that we then hard coat anodize to make the surface harder, and they turn against stationary faces which we call stator plates. This rotating face against a stationary face creates the primary seal. The PTFE stator plates are the sacrificial part of the seal, and when a repair kit is eventually needed, it would consist of a new solid elastomer and two new PTFE stator plates and the seal is like brand new again.

7650 Rotary Shaft Seal Exploded View

7650 Seals

In the 7650 model, the aluminum housing and endplate are solid but the internal sealing parts are split so that the seal can be repaired without having to unbolt the seal housing. This is the perfect scenario if you have a pillow block bearing arrangement and don’t want to remove the bearing, gear box, or drive motor to rebuild the seal. The split “rotor cups” are made out of a mineral filled PTFE, and they are now the sacrificial part of the seal. The 7650 repair kit consists of a new split elastomer and two split PTFE rotor cups.

The 7620 and 7650 are considered air purged seals that perform best when purged with continuous air pressure set at 5 to 8 PSI over internal vessel pressure. The air purge improves the seal life of the internal parts by creating a higher pressure inside the seal which creates a natural air barrier that keeps product out of the seal and inside the equipment. Air also keeps the rotating seal faces cooler, and it adds closing force to the seal faces as they wear from use so product can’t leak by.

7600 Series – Rotary Shaft Seal Dimensional Information

The 7620 and 7650 are available in shafts sizes ranging from 3.937” up to 6.00” and are both repairable. Contact CinchSeal for a quote on these industrial sealing solutions or to learn more about our other rotary shaft sealing types.

7600 Series Industrial Rotary Shaft Seal Chart

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