Rotary Shaft Seals by CinchSeal

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CinchSeal is the leading manufacturer of the patented rotary shaft seal that has brought the bulk mixing industry into the 21st century. Bulk mixers with inferior seals face major issues like product leakage, contaminated product, machine wear, reduced productivity, and downtime for maintenance.

Rotary shaft seals by CinchSeal solve all these problems!

As our below ‘Before and After’ gallery demonstrates, our rotary shaft seals greatly reduce product loss in bulk mixers for cheese, pulp, molasses and more. Flour, yeast, and liquid mixtures are easily handled by our seals, which rotate with the shaft and even account for the 1/4″ misalignment common in bulk mixers.

Installation is fast and easy, even on mixers that have never had CinchSeal seals applied before. Our team of on-call engineers can create a design spec document for you within 24 hours at 1-856-662-5162. Our seals are USDA-certified to meet all sanitation requirements for liquid, powder and slurry food beverage mixtures.

Rotary shaft seals from CinchSeal work so well that airborne particles are vastly reduced in spaces where powder mixtures are processed. The reduced wear and tear afforded by our seals also improves the lifespan of your bulk mixing equipment, extending bearing life and reducing the risk of premature equipment failure.

Our seals are also incredibly easy to maintain and service, which greatly reduces downtime for repairs. The ROI benefits are obvious: Save product, save time, and extend the life of your bulk mixers.

Check out our demonstration CinchSeal Videos to see the product in action for yourself. Plus, you can view the many CinchSeal applications in our Gallery of Installs.

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Rotary Shaft Seals