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Vitamin Manufacturing Rotary Shaft Seals

Rotary shaft seals, with their ability to stop leaks and prevent outside contaminants from entering processing equipment, are a natural fit for the vitamin manufacturing industry. Installing the right seal around the rotary shaft in machines that sift, mix, and granulate ingredients is an important step in preventing down time for repairs, as well as shutdowns and recalls caused by adulterated products.

CinchSeal’s 9700 series rotary shaft seal is ideal for vitamin manufacturing thanks to its stainless steel construction, with all internal parts meeting FDA standards for indirect food contact. Its split design makes for easy installation, quick and simple cleaning, and effective protection against leaks. Rotary shaft seals are proven to perform longer and more reliably than any other seal type for industrial mixers and bulk handling equipment.

CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Seals Vitamin Manufacturing

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Rotary Shaft Seals Address These Problems:

  • Lip seals and other alternatives feature small surfaces for grabbing the rotating shaft, and are more likely to allow leakage as a result
  • Other seals are ineffective at holding high pressure
  • Harsh environments cause other seals to wear out quickly, resulting in higher maintenance and replacement costs
  • Other seals are stationary, creating friction and damaging the shaft

CinchSeal’s innovation in shaft seal design has led to a seal that outperforms technologies of the past, making CinchSeal the ideal solution for vitamin manufacturing.

For over 25 years, CinchSeal has been a leading manufacturer of rotary shaft seals for screw conveyors, ribbon blenders, and all kinds of bulk-handling equipment. CinchSeal products serve as a replacement and major upgrade that make the need for machine replacement less likely.

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Hygienic, Runout-tolerant Shaft Seals for Nutraceutical Mixer, Blender Processing Equipment


  • Seals against leaks and contamination thanks to larger shaft-seal interface
  • Prevents shaft damage by using an elastomer that spins with the shaft
  • Holds higher pressure inside the seal than outside with rotors pushed against the stator via air purging
  • Simple installation and conversion with “split” design
  • Can be custom designed for specific applications when standard seals won’t do the job

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Rotary Shaft Seals

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