Rotary Shaft Seals by CinchSeal

Rotary Shaft Seals for Plowshare Mixers

Plowshare Mixer use rotary shaft seals by CinchSeal

Plowshare mixers, also called plow mixers, ploughshare mixers, or plough shear mixers, consist of a cylindrical drum with shovel-shaped mixing elements mounted on a central horizontal shaft. Once material is loaded into the drum, the shaft rotates at high speed, throwing the material upward and causing it to settle in a random pattern. The whirling movement of the product within the drum prevents formation of dead spots and low movement zones, ensuring fast and homogenous mixing.

Suitable Materials for Plowshare Mixers

  • Dry powder mixing
  • Paste mixing
  • Wet slurries
  • Wet granulation
  • Liquid coating of powders and granules
  • Fat and oil incorporation

Rotary shaft seals by CinchSeal are crafted to endure the high operating speeds and temperatures of plowshare mixers. Our seals prevent leakage of mixed materials, an especially important factor for lithium ion battery slurry mixing. They also spin with the shaft to prevent wear. Our innovative seal design features durable, low-friction materials encased in a resilient steel housing. By using our rotary seals you can expect reduced maintenance, quick return on investment, and a safer work environment.


Plowshare Mixer Seals

Rotary Shaft Seal for Screw Conveyors and Processing Equipment - 7550
7500 Series – Rotary Shaft Seals

Our 7500 CEMA Screw Conveyor CinchSeal is designed for zero maintenance due to its unique self adjusting design. These seals are ideal for screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and similar bulk solid applications.

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Rotary Shaft Seal for Large Diameter Equipment - 7620
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The maintenance-free 7620 and 7650 solid aluminum CinchSeals are designed for larger shaft sizes ranging from 3.937” up to 6.00”. They are ideal for screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and other bulk handling equipment.

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Airless Rotary Face Seal

Face seals are “airless” seals that operate without the need for air purging, making them ideal for applications where a purging air supply is unavailable, or where the presence of air can contaminate the handled product.

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High speed chopper seal for industrial processing mixers and blender
High Speed Chopper Seal

Chopper seals withstand the high shaft speeds of industrial chopper machines used in agriculture, wastewater treatment, and food processing. They are engineered to handle abrasive substances, solid particles, and powders without shaft damage.

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