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Rotary Shaft Seal Galleries

CinchSeal rotary shaft seals can revolutionize operations across an impressive variety of commercial bulk-handling and processing settings. Our products, which include externally adjustable blender seals, self-adjusting screw conveyor seals, and cartridge seals, serve all kinds of equipment—from bucket elevators to dough mixers, from rotary air locks to ribbon blenders—and all kinds of industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, mining, wastewater treatment, construction, and manufacturing.

Rotary shaft seals from CinchSeal boost equipment performance and confers cost-savings to such a diversity of clients thanks to their revolutionary design and unexcelled quality. They eliminate leakage and contamination while warding against damage and premature wear to shafts, translating on all fronts to greater efficiency.

You can see for yourself the ease with which CinchSeal products can be incorporated into existing machinery and the all-around improvements they can deliver by exploring our galleries right here:

  • Watch our videos to learn more about CinchSeal technology and to see our seals in use in different equipment
  • See CinchSeal rotary shaft seals in various equipment contexts in our gallery of installs
  • Have a look at the power of CinchSeal performance in our before-and-after gallery

From bakers, brewers, and chocolate makers to cement manufacturers, pulp-mill operators, and chemical processors, we’re proud to serve such a varied lineup of customers here at CinchSeal. Seeing is believing, and we hope these images and video galleries of our seals in action give you a better sense of what they can do for your facility.

Meanwhile, learn more about our individual products and their use in different equipment and industries, and get answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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Rotary Shaft Seals