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Careers with CinchSeal

Mechanical Engineer (Multiple Positions)


Design and develop mechanical systems and products, such as mechanical shaft seals, machines, molds, and tools using CAD and project management tools. Perform engineering analysis and testing to evaluate the practicality, design, operation, and performance of mechanical products and manufacturing processes. Analyze customer needs and requirements to determine the best design approach and solution for a product and its manufacturing processes. Create and present technical reports and proposals, including project budgets, schedules, and analytical studies on stress, strain, airflow, and tolerance stack-up. Troubleshooting and fixing malfunctions in mechanical products and systems throughout the testing and operation stages. Overseeing the manufacturing and installation of mechanical products and systems, making certain they meet the required standards and qualify for shipping.



Master’s degree or equivalent in Mechanical Engineering or related field. 


Mail resumes with proof of work eligibility to 2 Pin Oak Lane, Suite 200, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Email resumes to [email protected]

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