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How Rotary Shaft Seals Save Bakery $100,000 Every Year


How CinchSeal Saves One of the Largest Bakery Companies $100,000 Every Year

The CinchSeal 9700 series of rotary shaft seals are designed for mixing and blending equipment in a variety of industries, from food service to pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, and even pet food. Manufactured entirely out of stainless steel (often required in food processing industries), these industrial rotary seals offer specific benefits that provide a high return on investment for manufacturing plants.


One of the world’s largest commercial bakery companies was experiencing flour leakage through the shaft-mixer interfaces on its industrial-grade bakery mixers, contributing to lost product and yield. Furthermore, the existing seals were damaging the stainless-steel shafts through friction.


CinchSeal 9700 rotary shaft seals were installed, eliminating the flour leakage issue. It also reduced mixer downtime and protected the shaft from damage. These benefits have provided the company with a documented return on investment of $97,736 per year.


Advanced rotary shaft seals are effective at sealing dryers, paddle mixers, ribbon blenders, and more in large-scale bakery applications. Dry powders, semisolids, and slurries are no problem. These industrial seals handle challenging food materials such as:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Liquid chocolate
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Spices

CinchSeal is also ideal for non-food products like cement, plastics, and resins.


Installation of the CinchSeal 9700 doesn’t require the removal of existing equipment. Problems with the shaft such as excessive float or misalignment should be corrected before installing CinchSeal, as it must be mounted square to the shaft. Refer to the installation guide for additional details on mounting the seal. Call or visit us on the web for further assistance.


The seal of the 9700 CinchSeal is made from FDA-approved elastomer that creates an interference fit around the shaft. This design stops the product from moving past the seal, reducing waste. It also eliminates shaft wear since the CinchSeal rotates with the shaft.

The seal turns a set of rotor cups made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as Teflon. Both of these components remain under optimal pressure created by a stationary face as they rotate. This pressure creates a seal that prevents product from getting past.


CinchSeal’s 9700 is easy to disassemble, clean, and re-assemble for daily maintenance. The PTFE rotor cups are the most wearable parts of the CinchSeal by design. Repair kits are readily available, consisting of two PTFE rotor cups and a split elastomer seal.

CinchSeal’s rotary shaft seals are designed to be purged with five to eight PSI of pressure above the vessel pressure. This arrangement creates a barrier of air that helps keep material inside the tank and away from the seal, adding life to the wearable parts of the seal. CinchSeal shaft seals should ideally be purged with plant air, although they can also be purged with nitrogen or silicon gas depending on the application. For best results, each split shaft seal should have its own air regulator that isn’t shared by any other seals.


The most common accessories for the CinchSeal 9700 include additional elastomer seals, seal repair kits, and air pressure regulators. CinchSeal rotary seals are also available with a clean-in-place (CIP) option.

Rotary Shaft Seal Manufacturers

CinchSeal’s rotary shaft seals are USDA-certified to meet sanitation requirements for equipment in commercial bakeries and industrial food production. As one of the top rotary shaft seal companies on the market, we’ve ensured our designs efficiently seal vapors and dust, minimizing airborne dust particles. This also minimizes the risk of product contamination which often occurs when basic braided packing breaks down.

The primary benefit of the CinchSeal 9700 is to prevent the loss of material such as flour, yeast, and water in the case of dough. It also protects the shaft and bearings from wear, reducing downtime and premature failure that results in loss of productivity.

CinchSeal® Saves One of the World’s Largest Bakery Companies about $100,000 Each Year

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