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Par Boiled Rice

Par Boiled Rice CinchSeal Applications

Food Processor Chooses Sinclair for Special Parboil Conveyors

A major food processor recently awarded B. W. Sinclair Inc. the contract for a pair of special processing screw conveyors to convey, mix, and “parboil” wild rice.

The tubular units feature 36” dia BWSI LongSpan™ rotors with reduced pitch and mixing paddles to retard transfer and promote mixing. The rotors are designed to provide several minutes of retention time to expose the material to low-pressure saturated steam.

The steam is introduced via a series of multiple steam nozzles, each fitted with flexible tubing to allow thermal expansion. The fittings are eccentrically positioned to concentrate the steam per the client’s requirements. A series of condensate collection ports are mounted on the lower centerline to collect liquids and drain them off to a central takeoff. Each port is individually controllable to provide maximum process flexibility.

Custom features that add to the material handling and processing benefits include:

  • Cinchseal™ silicone elastomer purged gland seals with thermal expansion capability
  • Dodge SAF-XT™ spherical roller bearing pillow blocks for rotor support
  • BWSI Expansion-Pedestal Bearing Mount to allow unequal thermal expansion
  • Rectangular inspection ports fitted with polycarbonate view windows
  • Multiple instrument connection ports for customer’s designation
  • Integral support stanchions
  • Sealed cleanout and access door on discharge spout featuring tubular “poke port” to clear downstream blockage
  • High efficiency Dodge Quantis™ gearmotor with roller chain primary drive for slow speed operation
  • Inverter-rated Reliance Electric® motor for adjustment of retention time
  • All Type 304-L-SS construction
  • Fine-mesh screens mounted at all steam inlets and condensate drains