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Ribbon Blenders, Paddle Mixers and Dryers

Series compatible with Industrial Dryers, Paddle Mixers & Ribbon Blenders

We offer a wide assortment of mechanical seals such as the OFCT Seal which is used in slurries, mixes, semi-solids and dry powders in food applications. The 7500 Series is a must for bucket elevators, screw conveyors, and other bulk solid mixing applications. If you’re looking for unmatched sanitary ribbon blender seals, the 7800 & 9700 seals are made from 316 Stainless Steel.

Industrial Horizontal Mixer Seals

7500 Series – Rotary Shaft Seals

Our 7500 Series CinchSeal is designed for zero maintenance due to the unique self adjusting design. These seals are ideal for screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and similar bulk solid applications. The 7500 Series consumes 30% less power than packing seals and will not undercut shafts. Fully assembled and possessing a rugged modular design, our 7500 Series will not leak to foul bearings or contaminate processing areas.

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Industrial Horizontal Mixer Seals

7600 Series Seal

The maintenance free 7620 and 7650 solid aluminum CinchSeals are designed for larger shaft sizes ranging from 3.937” up to 6.00”. They are ideal for screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and other bulk handling equipment. The 7620 and 7650 models are available in shafts sizes ranging from 3.937” up to 6.00” and are both repairable.

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Battery Sealing Solutions

7800 Series – Rotary Shaft Seals

The newly designed 7800 Series CinchSeal for screw conveyors and other bulk handling equipment is made out of 316 Stainless Steel to handle dry and slurry products in the food service, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where stainless steel is a requirement. Some standard features of the 7800 Series includes: zero maintenance due to unique self adjusting design, manufactured out of 316 Stainless Steel to handle caustic wash downs, consumes 30% less power than rope packing, will not damage or undercut shafts tops product loss and premature bearing failure, seals dust and vapors, and more!

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Battery Shaft Seals

9700 Split SS Seal – Rotary Shaft Seal

The 9700 split seal is machined out of stainless steel and all internal parts meet USDA standards for indirect food contact. This split seal is recommended for all other industries such as food and cheese processing, spices and flavorings, pharmaceutical, and chemical that require stainless steel due to caustic wash downs and sanitary requirements. All seal parts are designed split to make installation and conversions on mixing equipment a cinch. Many large mixers, blenders, and dryers can be easily converted from mechanical packing to the 9700 series rotary shaft seal.

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High Speed Intermittent Drive Seals

Cartridge Seal

Our CinchSeal Cartridge Seal, custom made for specific applications, is designed to replace lipseals on screw conveyor drive adapter plates such as Dodge, Linkbelt and Falk. These cartridge mechanical seals replace packing on rotary air locks and have temperature ranges up to 200˚F / 93.3˚C. We have now expanded the CinchSeal design to accommodate the screw conveyor drive end. The CinchSeal Cartridge Seal can be easily mounted to your conveyor adapter plate. Reduce your costly parts and repairs to the drive assembly and stop leaks as well.

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Industrial Horizontal Mixer Seals

Poly Split CEMA Seal

The model PS CinchSeal® is maintenance free and designed to seal screw conveyors and industrial mixers and blenders. It is manufactured out of polypropylene and stainless steel to handle dry powder and slurry products in the food service, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where stainless steel is required. The seals can be rebuilt with inexpensive repair kits and are designed to handle ¼” total radial shaft runout.

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