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The Cosmetics & Beauty Care Industry is a multi-million dollar operation designed to sell products that add value and convenience to life. While the industry is mostly dominated by women when it comes to a customer base, there are also men who choose and use these types of products.

But the most important factor to note about this industry is that the production of these products requires a manufacturing process that can be complex and utilizes machinery that must work correctly and be reliable. To do that, the proper types of seals are essential.

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Why a Lip Seal Isn’t the Answer

In order to have a rotary shaft seal that can be trusted, most companies in the Cosmetics & Beauty Care Industry turn to a lip seal or mechanical seal. But there’s a problem with these options in that they don’t really hold up to the demands of the industry properly.

A lip seal can only stop debris from moving up the shaft for a period of time, before it begins to break down and allows particles to slip past its edges. That results in lost product, equipment damage, and downtime for unexpected maintenance.

Rotary Seals Are Essential

With old sealing technologies, the goal is to have them working as well as can be for as long as possible. That sounds like the best that can be done, but that’s only because so many companies are still using the older options and haven’t yet moved to the newer opportunities they could be exploring.

Because the number of companies in the industry continues to grow, and large companies are focused on expanding and developing new products, the Cosmetics & Beauty Care Industry is a huge market for rotary seals.

It’s Time to Choose Something Better

Don’t settle for shaft seals that are leaking or that don’t hold up to the demands of manufacturing. There’s a new and better option available, that will reduce downtime, stop material loss and that can be more easily maintained – and with a proven ROI.  Here are five reasons why CinchSeals rotary shaft seals are superior to the traditional lip seal or mechanical seal in the cosmetics and beauty care industry:

1. Our seals will not break apart and therefore will not contaminate your process batch

2. Seals can be easily opened and cleaned regularly

3. Seals can be designed around existing frames or bell housings, for low axial and radial space constraints and for quick assembly/disassembly conditions

4. Seals can maintain excellent and repeatable vacuum sealing

5. We have a dedicated seal series matching Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) standards

By being able to change out components and rebuild the product, there will also be a lower level of maintenance and an opportunity to focus on making great products instead of stopping to clean machines and replace items like lip seals. With CinchSeal, repair is easy, maintenance is fast and infrequent, and the benefits are large.


  • The Cosmetics & Beauty Care Industry has manufacturing needs that aren’t currently being met by sealing technologies.
  • CinchSeal can provide PTFE rotary shaft seals you can rely on to meet your equipment and manufacturing requirements.
  • Where other sealing technologies like mechanical and lip seal options fail, we can get the job done right, and quality and reliability.

Ready to have a better seal for manufacturing work in the Cosmetics & Beauty Care Industry? CinchSeal is the answer. With CinchSeal, you don’t have to worry about rotary seals that don’t hold up to the demands of manufacturing. Our dynamic shaft seal gives you so much more quality and value than a lip seal, so you can have a quality product and fewer worries

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Rotary Shaft Seals

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Rotary Shaft Seals