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Slurry Mixers in the Bakery Industry

Slurry Mixers in the Bakery Industry

Slurry Mixers can be found in Food and Bakery plants around the country.


The largest bread and cake manufacturer in the US, with a location in New Jersey, that makes cakes, frostings and dessert fillings, was having severe leakage problems with their slurry mixers causing them to change the oil in their gearboxes weekly and replace them every six months or less.

Before – Issues they were having:

  • Gear Box failure
  • Major product loss
  • Safety hazard
  • Poor housekeeping
  • Expense of buying sleeves to protect the shafts
  • Cost of maintaining packing


The customer removed the stuffing box and installed an air-purged CinchSeal® Cartridge that used the customers’ existing bolting pattern. The seal has been in operation since July of 2008 and the leakage and gearbox issues are gone. With the success, two additional slurry mixers have since been converted.

After – Problems now solved:

  • No gear box failure since 7/08
  • Improved safety and housekeeping
  • No More Cost of Sleeves
  • No More Product Loss
  • No More Cost of Packing
  • No More Unscheduled Downtime
  • No More Cost of Oil Changes