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Rotary Seals for Spice Processing

Like many other foods and beverages, products in the spice and flavor industry have only seen an increase in sales over the years. Today, the industry has a value of over $16 billion. It continues to grow, with a higher demand for these products and a need for reliable spice and flavor processing equipment and operation systems to handle them.

Producing spice and flavor products can require many types of equipment, from holding tanks and conveyors to mixers and packaging systems. At any point throughout the manufacturing process, leaks can be a detriment to the entire production line, putting products at risk of waste and contamination.

Manufacturers of spice and flavor products face two core issues that are central in any food processing application: maintaining the efficiency of processes and safety for consumers.

Using CinchSeal split rotary shaft seals for safe and efficient processes

For many years, old sealing techniques, like lip seals and mechanical packing, have been unreliable when used to contain and prevent contamination of food products. While some improvements have been made, they tend to wear out and damage shafts and bearings quickly. Maintaining and replacing them is also a challenge due to their design.

CinchSeal’s food grade mechanical seals use a more reliable rotary shaft seal design. These seals can give your spice and flavor processing operations, the efficiency and dependability needed to maximize both productivity and profitability. More durable and dependable seals also lead to safer products that can more consistently avoid contamination.

How CinchSeal rotary seals for the food industry can improve your production lines

The high-quality design of our rotary seals for industrial applications improves efficiency and safety in many ways, including:

  • Self-adjusting and maintenance-free CinchSeal rotor cups provide a non-leaking seal between the shaft and the wall of the process equipment. They contain the bulk materials inside of the equipment, preventing any contamination or leakage. 
  • An FDA-approved silicone elastomer, inserted between two PTFE-rotor cups, spins with the shaft, eliminating shaft damage and allowing ¼-in. run-out without effecting the seal capability.
  • Air-purging allows for better performance
  • Larger shaft-seal interface surface helps reduce chances of leaks and contamination

Other benefits from upgrading to CinchSeal rotary shaft seals include:

  • Easier installation of split shaft seals
  • More straightforward maintenance without the need to unbolt the external housing
  • Faster seal renewal, only replacing wearable repair kits 
  • Design consultation from the United States Department of Agriculture means these seals are USDA-certified for dairy, meat and poultry
  • Seals are FDA certified to meet sanitary requirements.

You won’t find a better alternative to
CinchSeal industrial seals

Safety is our top priority, as our industrial seal solutions provide reliable performance to help minimize the risk of contamination and leaks.

Productivity is our second priority. Using our food processing seals, you’ll benefit from more efficiency across your production line with minimal disruptions to your processes.

Ultimately, you will also save more money in the long run with the significantly reduced need for maintenance and replacement equipment and maximized longevity.


For over 25 years, CinchSeal has been a leading manufacturer of rotary shaft seals for screw conveyors, ribbon blenders, and all kinds of bulk-handling equipment. CinchSeal products serve as replacements and major upgrades that make the need for machine replacement less likely.

More information is available by contacting CinchSeal. Quotes and drawings are guaranteed to be available in 24 hours. Custom engineering usually takes 10 days.

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Rotary Shaft Seals

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Rotary Shaft Seals