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Tilt Bowl Dough Mixer

Tilt Bowl Dough Mixer


A major cookie & cracker manufacturer in PA was having leakage problems on their tilt bowl dough Mixer.

Before – Issues they were having:

  • Product Loss from leakage
  • Sanitary concerns
  • Major safety hazard due to Leaking dough
  • Shaft damage from lip seals
  • Cost of replacing scored shafts
  • Unscheduled Maintenance


The customer installed two, 9000 series split 316 stainless steel CinchSeals using the same bolting pattern.

After – Benefits of Cinchseal:

  • Improved safety and housekeeping.
  • Shaft wear eliminated
  • Product loss eliminated
  • Unscheduled down time eliminated
  • Faster and more efficient sanitary cleaning