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Because of its innovative design within the rotary seals industry, a CinchSeal rotary shaft seal provides an advantage to companies that rely on high performance to minimize downtime and maximize production. CinchSeal provides the best industrial sealing solutions for the 11 industries below. But first, why do you need a CinchSeal?

Why Rotating Shaft Seal Design Matters

Whether compared to lip seals or mechanical packing, CinchSeal’s mechanical shaft seals have some distinct advantages. For example, CinchSeal:

The Top 11 Industrial Uses for CinchSeal

1. Meat and poultry processing

Leaking lip seals on meat blenders cost money. Replacing any lip seals with a CinchSeal will save money and increase ROI. CinchSeal is a perfect match for mixers and screw conveyors found throughout the meat and poultry processing industry.

2. Dairy processing

Unlike most other rotary seals, CinchSeal can provide the FDA approved Model 9700 split stainless steel seal or a USDA solid dairy approved seal. These sanitary industrial seals meet strict FDA requirements, which are important in an industry that is among the most regulated

3. Feed and grain manufacturing

One of the largest markets for CinchSeal, the feed and grain industry, includes pet food manufacturers, animal feeds; rice, wheat and flour milling; and corn processing. The equipment used by major feed and grain companies—including screw conveyors, silo augers, bucket elevators, mixers and blenders—works with CinchSeal.

4. Cement and gypsum

Every major cement and gypsum company in the United States uses CinchSeal 7500 Series seals for screw conveyors, size reduction equipment and live bottom bins. These no-maintenance, “installation and leave” seals are the perfect solution in a tough environment.

5. Pulp and paper manufacturing

To compete effectively, pulp and paper manufacturers need a shaft seal that shortens equipment run time and reduces unscheduled maintenance to stave off lower production and higher costs. Pulp mills use CinchSeal solid and split seals on side-entry agitators, wood fiber screws, pulpers, chip washers, rotary air locks and wash press augers.

6. Industrial and bulk material handling

Safety and equipment reliability are two keys to success when it comes to the mining, metals, and aggregate industries. Downtime caused by bearing or gearbox failures from dust and powder leaks carries a high cost and requires a superior shaft seal. A solid or split CinchSeal in aluminum or stainless steel will cut down on unplanned maintenance.

7. Pharmaceutical manufacturing

In this highly regulated industry, meeting safety and hygienic standards can be difficult. Companies can’t risk the contamination that results from using mechanical packing seals. CinchSeal creates the most ideal rotary seals for the pharmaceutical industry. Our 9700 split stainless steel seal in batch mixers eliminates this problem.

8. Baking industry

Premature bearing failures and seal leakages are among the major causes of downtime and lost production in baking. The CinchSeal 316L’s stainless steel construction and split design reduces costly maintenance problems.

9. Chocolate manufacturing

Mechanical packing seals can allow unacceptable chocolate leakage. A CinchSeal rotary shaft seal on holding tanks, melting tanks conches, cocoa refineries, sugar screw conveyors and mixing equipment stops leakage in its tracks.

10. Ethanol manufacturing

Corn milling loses productivity and cuts into revenues when product leaks from mechanical packing seals. CinchSeal stops product leakage and saves gearboxes. It also prevents damage to the rotating shafts on the mixers caused by mechanical packing.

11. Beverage manufacturing

CinchSeal has found their place in wine and beer making because they can handle a tough environment. The sealing technologies on the 7800 series performs very well on de-stemmers, receiving hoppers and crushers. In breweries, CinchSeal has the ability to handle large volumes of water making them ideal on spent grain conveyors.

CinchSeal: The Right Fit in Rotary Shaft Seal Manufacturing

There is no better answer to rotating shaft sealing challenges than CinchSeal:

Trusted Production of Rotary Seals

Since 1994, CinchSeal has been a major rotary shaft seal manufacturer. We’re also dedicated manufacturers of screw conveyors, ribbon blenders and all kinds of bulk handling equipment. CinchSeal’s industrial seal solutions serve as replacements and major upgrades that make the need for machine replacement less likely in major industrial and processing industries.

To get more information about our shaft seal types, contact CinchSeal today. Quotes and drawings are guaranteed to be available in 24 hours. Custom engineering usually takes 10 days. We are here to help and answer all of your questions!

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