5 Industries You Didn’t Know Utilize Rotary Shaft Seals

Bakery Industry Relies on Rotary Shaft Seals

It’s downright amazing just how widespread the industrial applications of rotary shaft seals are, both in terms of the specific equipment they’re incorporated into and the different industries they power.

To demonstrate the sheer breadth of manufacturing and processing settings our state-of-the-art CinchSeal’s rotary seals serve, we thought we’d put the spotlight on five lesser-known ones. Let’s dive in!

Commercial Baking

From dough and slurry mixers to flour conveyors, dough pumps, and bucket elevators, the day-to-day work of commercial baking industry certainly relies heavily on machinery run by spinning shafts. Needless to say, poorly sealed or degraded shafts can introduce a whole array of problems to a bakery business: from wasted ingredients, contaminated product, and airborne dust to lost time, labor, and money that accompanies remedying slowed-down or shut down production.

A well-made rotary shaft seal such as CinchSeal’s models can get a bakery’s essential flour-milling and dough- or batter-mixing operations back on track, minimizing leakage, contamination, and premature shaft/bearing wear as well as maintenance and hassle.

Meat and Poultry Processing

The meat- and poultry-processing industry also runs on such fundamental equipment as mixers, blenders, and screw conveyors. Sanitation is of paramount concern, and as with a bakery, a meat/poultry-processing plant can’t sustain significant product leakage.

Here again, an industrial seal from CinchSeal can make all the difference in eliminating the cost and contamination issues associated with compromised seals and the money and time spent addressing damaged rotating shafts.

Sugar, Spices, and Flavorings

Beyond dough-mixing bowls and meat blenders, rotating shafts—and rotary shaft seals—have wide application in all sorts of other corners of the food-processing industry, including all the ribbon blenders, conveyors, bucket elevators, and the like used in the production of sugar, spices, and flavorings.

gorgeous setting with cooking spices and herbs (bay leaves, cumin, coriander, chili powder, cloves, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, paprika, piri piri, salt, turmeric) on a wooden mat (shallow DOF)

Rotary shaft seals extend the lifespan of shafts and bearings, prevent leakage of product and oil, and ward against dust proliferation that can pose workplace safety issues.

Cement/Gypsum Manufacturing

The shafts employed in conveyors, live bottom bins, and other machinery used in cement or gypsum production have to stand up to some rigorous working conditions, to put it mildly. The scale of these operations and the quantity of product being processed make any breakdowns and problem-solving downtime all the more expensive and sabotaging.

Our 7500 CinchSeal series of rugged, self-adjusting, “install-and-leave” rotary shaft seals are absolutely ideal for the purposes of cement and gypsum manufacturers, and we’ve supplied products for all of the major U.S. companies.

Chocolate Making

Our last example you could call the “dessert course” of this blog post. Chocolate makers in the chocolate industry need reliable and efficient shaft seals for everything from melting tanks and sugar conveyors to their cocoa grinders and mixing conches.

So you can thank CinchSeal for providing the low-maintenance, anti-leak industrial sealing solutions that can maximize production of that luscious, glossy chocolate everybody loves.

CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Seals: A World of Possibilities

From vats of swirling chocolate to a huge cement hopper, we hope the above survey has suggested the variety of industries and technologies that can benefit from rotary shaft seals. To sum up, these seals can:

  • Eliminate leakage of product and lubricating oil;
  • Improve sanitation;
  • Protect rotary shafts from premature wear and damage; and
  • Save you time and money by cutting down on mechanical breakdowns and maintenance.

Trusted Mechanical Seals for Industries

We invite you to browse through our extensive top-of-the-line rotary shaft seal catalog for all sorts of different applications, and to get in touch with us to learn more about how our CinchSeals—easy to install, easy to maintain, and wonderfully reliable—might revolutionize your operations! We’d be happy to field any and all questions you might have about our rotary shaft seals by size and usage!

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