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5 Reasons Why Sugar Manufacturers Need Rotary Shaft Seals

5 Reasons Why Sugar Manufacturers Need Rotary Shaft Seals

Processing sugar involves dealing with several challenging conditions. If one part of the system isn’t set up as well as it could be, these challenges quickly become problems. A Florida sugar manufacturer found that several of its problems became manageable or completely disappeared with one simple upgrade: The installation of the 7520 Air Purged CinchSeal.

Problems that Needed to be Solved

Prior to upgrading, the manufacturer was using packing seals on its lines. These left it dealing with bearing failure, shaft wear, product loss, and poor housekeeping. Even worse, there was the major safety hazard of excessive dust in the air. Dust of this sort is a hazard to breathing at all times – and under the wrong conditions, presents a fire and explosion hazard.

Many of these issues arose due to the nature of granulated sugar and the unsuitability of the packing seals to handle it. Sugar was leaking past the seals, and its abrasiveness caused excessive wear to the machinery. It was also hard to maintain proper sanitation. Both of these aspects contribute to product loss as well as extra maintenance costs.

Fine dust of any sort is also prone to both ignition and explosion. The particles are so tiny that combustion spreads between them in just a fraction of a second. Controlling them is therefore imperative for safety reasons. Of course, breathing any sort of fine particles is bad, so dust control is also important for employee health.

Custom Rotary Shaft Seals
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The Solution: Upgrading to CinchSeal

Our rotary shaft seal is self-adjusting and designed for maintenance-free operation in dusty and abrasive environments. Since sugar crystals are abrasive, the company chose the 7520 rotary shaft seal design, which is meant to handle the challenge of extra-abrasive powders.

5 Key Benefits of This Industrial Seal Upgrade

  1. The stoppage of excess wear on the equipment. Now, the bearings and shafts continue functioning for their intended lifespans.
  2. Housekeeping is far easier to maintain.
  3. Airborne dust has greatly decreased. This makes the air safer to breathe and reduces the fire and explosion hazard.
  4. Product loss has been eliminated.
  5. Unscheduled downtime has ceased.

Thanks to these benefits, the sugar manufacturer will save many thousands of dollars in reduced downtime, extended equipment longevity, and likely, even in insurance payments due to the reduction of danger.

About CinchSeal

As experienced rotary shaft seal manufacturers, CinchSeal makes numerous shaft sealing solutions for various sealing requirements. The 7500 line is meant for handling powders, and has two models: the 7550, good for most applications; and the 7520, for slurries and very abrasive materials. Both use up to 30 percent less power than packing seals and will not undercut bearings.

The 7500 line of seals is also superior because it will not leak. This protects bearings and food processing areas from contamination. Each mechanical seal comes fully assembled and uses a tough modular format.

Custom Rotary Shaft Seals

We also make many other types of USDA certified rotary seals as well, including high pressure rotary shaft seals and split rotary shaft seals. If you don’t see what you need on our site, just give us a call to discuss your requirements – we can also make custom rotary shaft seals. We’ll be able to fabricate the perfect solution for your application.

Key Takeaways

  • The wrong seal can cause dangerous conditions, product loss, and premature equipment failure for sugar manufacturers and numerous other industries.
  • Changing to a better seal can eliminate these problems and save tens of thousands of dollars over time.
  • CinchSeal makes a wide variety of rotary sealing solutions that prevent leaks and the problems leaks cause in various business sectors, including the pharmaceutical, food processing, and bakery industries.
  • CinchSeal also produces custom seals.

To learn more about CinchSeal’s shaft seals types or to order some for your factory, just contact us. We’ll be glad to help you make your processing lines safer, cleaner, and less costly to operate.

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