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Custom Made Cartridge Seals

As trusted cartridge seal suppliers, you can rely on our seals. Created for specific applications, CinchSeal’s high-quality Cartridge Seals are designed to replace lipseals on screw conveyor drive adapter plates such as Dodge and Falk. These customized cartridge mechanical seals replace packing on rotary air locks and have temperature ranges up to 200˚F / 93.3˚C.

We have now expanded the CinchSeal mixer seal design to accommodate the screw conveyor drive end. The CinchSeal Cartridge Seal can be easily mounted to your conveyor adapter plate. Reduce your costly parts and repairs to the drive assembly and stop leaks as well. The design currently covers Dodge and Falk. The metal seals are air-purged by drilling and tapping the CEMA adapter housing for standard pipe thread. As top mechanical cartridge seal manufacturers, CinchSeal has the experience and knowledge that will help your business. Contact us today for more information on our mechanical seal cartridge types or cartridge mechanical seal installation!

Dodge SizeFalk Size
TXT1     105-1254107
TXT2     205-2254115
TXT3     305-3254203
TXT4     405-4254207
TXT5     505-5254215
TXT6     605-6254307
TXT7     705-7254315
TAII0     0107H4407
TAII1     1107H4415
TAII2     2115H4507
TAII3     3203H4608
TAII4     4207H
TAII5     5215H
TAII6     6307H
TAII7     7315H

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