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CinchSeal’s Modern Shaft Seal Improves ROI


CinchSeal’s Modern Shaft Seal Improves ROI

Proven to prevent leaks and downtime for industrial mixing and bulk handling equipment, rotary shaft seals are fast replacing mechanical packing seals. From screw conveyors to ribbon blenders and even paddle mixers, they keep these machines moving and mixing without leakage, thereby maximizing efficiency and return on investment. That’s why businesses that rely on these machines are turning to CinchSeal to keep their production lines running at peak performance.

Mechanical packing as a sealing technique can add thousands of dollars to a plant’s operating budget through product leakage and downtime for repairs. By contrast, CinchSeal rotary shaft seals are self-adjusting and form a tighter fit that stops material loss while preventing shaft wear. Extended shaft life and quick installation help reduce downtime and provide an excellent rate of return.

What is Mechanical Packing?

Mechanical packing is an old sealing technique that relies on rope to seal around rotary shafts. The material used can be gland packing made from natural fibers and old rope, or more modern packing involving braided materials. The rope is wedged into the gap between the shaft and the side of the process equipment to create a seal.

While the cost of installing mechanical packing is low, it has significant drawbacks. The rope needs to be adjusted and tightened to maintain the right fit around the shaft, resulting in costly downtime. The seals are also prone to leaks, requiring workers to spend time cleaning up lost product. This can be especially hazardous when spilled materials are corrosive or toxic.

Another major issue with mechanical packing is that the braided rope wears down the shaft. This requires the entire shaft to be serviced more frequently, resulting in high repair and replacement costs. Lost product, shaft damage, and workplace cleanup make mechanical packing a high-cost method over time.

Rotary Shaft Seals: A Cost-Effective Alternative

Rotary shaft seals are the most effective and economically viable solution to sealing bulk handling and mixing equipment. CinchSeal’s shaft seals feature a “split” design consisting of an O-ring and split SS plate, SS Housing, and PTFE rotor cups and elastomer. This makes them especially easy to install and maintain. They also self-adjust, reducing wear on the rotating seal faces and ensuring products will not leak along the shaft even after prolonged use. CinchSeal rotary seals are made from stainless steel and FDA-approved silicone and PTFE materials, making for an environmentally friendly “green” seal compatible with a wide range of processes and products.

CinchSeal rotary shaft seals keep operating costs low by preventing product leakage and reducing the need for repairs and replacements, making for an excellent return on investment. To find out more, contact CinchSeal today.

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