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CinchSeal Introduces the CinchPack CEMA Shaft Seal


CinchSeal Associates is proud to announce a new line of CEMA screw conveyor shaft seals for price conscious OEMs within the seal industry.  The new CinchPack shaft seal design is available in all 5 CEMA sizes and has the same dimensions and is a direct replacement of the waste pack seal.  According to Mark Pitchko, Executive Vice-President of CinchSeal, “the CinchPack is a far superior seal that stops powder and dust leakage, doesn’t damage rotating shafts due to its unique design, and can handle axial shaft runout while continuing to seal.”

The CinchPack rotary shaft seal is made from solid, anodized aluminum and utilizes the same engineered sealing technology that customers have come to know and trust. “The CinchPack was designed to provide screw conveyor OEMs with a more affordable seal option that competes economically with the standard waste pack and mechanical packing seals that are ineffective and damaging to rotating shafts”, says Mark Pitchko.

All 5 CEMA sizes are available and discounted pricing is offered based on quantity. CinchSeal has the capability to have the customer’s logo and website info laser etched onto the seal and replacement seal business will be directed to the specific OEM so that an alternate source of income is created. To learn more about our new line of CEMA rotary seals, or any of our other industrial sealing solutions, contact us today!

For additional information on CinchSeal’s line of seals, please visit

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