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This is How Rotary Shaft Seals Help the Beverage Powder Mix Industry

It could be argued that beverage powder mixes were made famous by a big red talking pitcher busting through walls, or by astronauts in need of a way to bring beverages to space. Since then, these convenient, just-add-water products have only grown in popularity. They’re available at every convenience store, supermarket, and health store as well as many other brick-and-mortar and online outlets, and their growing sales show no sign of waning.

With growth comes competition, so companies in beverage powder mix manufacturing must take advantage of the most advanced techniques and equipment to stay ahead. This includes the seals that protect their industrial mixing and bulk handling equipment, where there’s a great opportunity to maximize:

  • Efficiency: promoting time and cost savings in the manufacturing process
  • Safety: keeping the product safe to prevent costly shutdowns and recalls

Rotary Shaft Seals and Beverage Powder Mix Manufacturing

Radial Shaft Seals in Beverage powder mix manufacturing process

The seals that prevent product from leaking out and contaminants from seeping in during the beverage powder mix manufacturing process are not the celebrities among equipment components. But they do play a critical role in making sure product remains uncontaminated and that the equipment they protect stays productive. Frequent time-consuming breakdowns can seriously hurt productivity.

In the past, seals have fallen short in key areas. They’ve had problems performing under high pressure, required frequent maintenance, and needed replacements too often.

To keep up with the progress of food processing, seals have had to be made better. CinchSeal rotary shaft seals incorporate innovations that have enhanced their performance and contributed to higher productivity and improved safety.

How CinchSeal Boosts Safety and Productivity

The advantages that come with CinchSeal rotary seals as beverage powder manufacturing tools begins with certification by the United States Department of Agriculture for poultry and dairy. At first, this distinction might seem irrelevant, but it means that the seals work well to protect products from contamination.

Certification is an assurance that CinchSeal rotary shaft seals do what they’re supposed to in the toughest food processing environments.

CinchSeal rotary shaft seals offer a high level of contamination prevention by:

  • Stopping materials from leaking with an FDA-approved silicone elastomer that moves with the shaft, preventing shaft damage and reducing maintenance and replacement
  • Sealing potential leaks with rotor cups that compress with optimum load against stationary faces
  • Providing optimum performance under high pressure using air purging to maintain higher pressure inside the seal than outside
  • Reducing the potential for contamination and leakage with a large shaft-seal interface surface

On the side of efficiency and productivity, CinchSeal rotary seals offer a variety of ways to help keep costs down, including:

  • Making repairs both faster and easier with split internal parts that eliminate the need to unbolt the housing
  • Removing the requirement for outside installation expertise by making installation simple
  • Providing repair kits that renew the seal by replacing only the elastomer and stator plates

Food for Thought About Better Powdered Beverage Manufacturing

Rotary shaft seals and beverage powder mix manufacturing

Keeping up with the growth of an industry and staying ahead of the competition calls for keeping an eye on every aspect of the business, including shaft seals. So it’s best to keep in mind that:

  • Preventing leakage and contamination not only improves safety but also saves money by eliminating waste
  • Rotary shaft seals like CinchSeal’s, with all their features to prevent leakage and contamination, consistently outperform other kinds of seals by a wide margin
  • Sources of cost savings and increased productivity are not always highly visible. Taking a look at shaft seals could help improve revenue and profits.

Since 1994, CinchSeal has been a major manufacturer of rotary shaft seals for screw conveyors, ribbon blenders and all kinds of bulk handling equipment. CinchSeal products serve as replacements and major upgrades that make the need for machine replacement less likely.

More information is available by contacting CinchSeal. Quotes and drawings are guaranteed to be available in 24 hours. Custom engineering usually takes 10 days.