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4 Benefits Of Using FDA Approved Rotary Seals In Food Processing

CinchSeal FDA approved rotary shaft seals offer a number of advantages over other shaft sealing technologies for use in food processing industries including bakery, spice, meat and poultry, chocolate, cheese, beverage, sugar, snack, dairy, and many more. They handle rugged environments better, last longer, require less maintenance, prevent leaks more reliably and are easier to maintain or replace. These are some of the benefits in the food processing industry.

The Four Most Important Reasons Food Processors Prefer CinchSeal

CinchSeal is becoming the first choice of food processors for food handling seals because of its certification, contamination prevention, innovative design and cost-effective performance. All of these factors are interrelated and extremely important in food processing.

Certification: FDA Approved Rotary Shaft Seals

It goes without saying that the first priority in food processing is safety. This concern has led to the industry becoming one of the most regulated. Of course, there’s good reason for such regulation, and it benefits both consumers and the industry. Faulty seal types lead to contamination in processing plants which can not only endanger a human’s life and health but also result in costly downtime and product recalls.

CinchSeal is intended for use in food processing and has been designed in consultation with the United States Department of Agriculture. Our rotary shaft seals carries USDA certification for poultry and dairy while meeting the strict U. S. Food and Drug Administration requirements. The USDA “accepted” designation alone sets CinchSeal apart from the competition and provides assurance that it will not contribute to contamination.

food handling seals

Contamination prevention

The cooperative effort with the USDA helped CinchSeal develop hygienic rotary seals that are second to none in preventing leakage, which, in turn, can lead to contamination. Our food-handling seals feature:

  • FDA-approved silicone elastomer molded slightly smaller than the shaft to achieve an interference fit that prevents material from leaking out
  • “Rotor cups” that, as the elastomer turns with the shaft, are compressed with optimum load against stationary faces to seal potential leak paths
  • Air or nitrogen purging to push rotors against the stator to close the sliding interface and stop material from going into or out of the screw conveyor,
  • And create higher pressure in the seal than outside the seal, forming an air barrier to keep product out of the seal

CinchSeal is made to provide thorough protection against contamination while remaining cost-effective to use. It’s all a matter of designing the advantages in.

Innovative design

In addition to the design elements described previously, CinchSeal features:

  • A much larger surface for the shaft/seal interface than lip seals can provide, reducing the chance of contamination and leakage.
  • Boot-mounted rotor cups that allow the rotary assembly to float with the shaft and accept the 1/4” misalignment common to bulk handling equipment
  • Elastomer that spins with the shaft and, unlike stationary mechanical packing and lip seals, prevents rotating shaft damage
  • A design that inherently provides self-cleaning and self-lubrication, so the seals operate dry
  • Split internal parts to make future repairs possible without having to unbolt the housing
  • Repair kits that make the seal like new with only elastomer and stator plates

All these features together lead to the kind of performance that ensures cost-effective processing.

food handling seals

Cost-effective performance

CinchSeal rotary shaft seals are cost-effective for food processors and offer the lowest cost of operation, because they:

  • Eliminate material loss, greatly reducing maintenance cost and preventing bearing failure and shaft damage
  • Eliminate shaft wear
  • Withstand the most rigorous environments in the food industry
  • Ensure the safety of employees and their work environment, minimizing area contamination
  • Offer easy repair and maintenance

CincSeal’s real bottom line for the food processing industry comes down to these points:

  • To be truly cost-effective, rotary shaft sealing solutions and rotary seal design must be long-lasting, leak-free, easy to maintain and reasonably priced
  • Relying on outdated seal designs, such as lip seals and mechanical packing, seldom provides a cost-effective answer
  • It’s important to look at how well every part of a rotary seal functions and how well it performs that function

Since 1994, CinchSeal has been a major manufacturer of rotary shaft seals for screw conveyors, ribbon blenders and all kinds of bulk handling equipment. CinchSeal products serve as replacements and major upgrades that make the need for machine replacement less likely. For more information, contact us or request a quote today.