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Rotary Shaft Seals Ensure Success in Infant Formula Industry


Rotary Shaft Seals Ensure Success in the Infant Formula Industry

Rotary shaft seals, with their unique ability to prevent leaks and contamination in industrial mixers and bulk handling equipment, are an ideal fit for infant formula manufacturing. This industry, which previously relied on mechanical seals, is transitioning to high-performing rotary seals. Maintaining a controlled system free from contaminants and leakage is especially important in food production, and infant formula is no exception.

Industrial rotary shaft seal solutions by CinchSeal are designed to maximize safety and productivity in food processing and packaging. Mechanical seals tend to wear out quickly and even damage the machines they’re supposed to protect, resulting in costly repairs or replacements. Rotary shaft seals, on the other hand, are durable, effective, and cheaper to maintain over the lifetime of the product. By creating a seal around the rotating shaft in equipment like screw conveyors and ribbon blenders, CinchSeal products eliminate the risk of leakage while dramatically reducing wear and tear on machinery.

What’s at stake when rotary shaft seals leak?

The infant formula industry is a growing one. In 2018, the global market size was approximately $15.6 billion, with projected growth of about 7.3 percent by 2025. To meet growing demand, manufacturers must keep both efficiency and safety in mind when considering food processing solutions.

Infant formula production involves a wide array of machines, including conveyor systems, holding tanks, mixers, and more. With each of these tools, using just any sealing technology invites the risk of wasted product due to leakage. This affects the productivity, profitability, and safety of an operation.

Making any type of infant formula, especially in large quantities, require high standards of safety and consistency. Equipment must be effective and reliable so that the end product can be proven safe for little ones to consume. Anything less could result in nationwide recalls and costly factory shutdowns.

The advantages of CinchSeal rotary shaft seals

Rotary shaft seals are designed to maximize efficiency, safety, and productivity. The design advantages of CinchSeal rotary shaft seals include:

  • ¼” (6.35mm) runout-tolerant shaft seals reduce maintenance costs by 90%
  • Clean-In-Place seal design promotes a hygienic and clean environment
  • Air purging enables improved performance
  • FDA-approved silicone elastomer moves with the shaft, preventing damage to the shaft that might otherwise result in leaks and more frequent maintenance
  • Rotary cups leave space from stationary faces, preventing leaks
  • Shaft-seal interface is more substantial, preventing leaks and contamination
  • Split seal design makes for easy repairs – no need to unbolt the housing
  • Easy and efficient installation takes just minutes to complete
  • Replacements are simple and cost effective with CinchSeal Repair Kits, eliminating the need to replace the entire metal seal

CinchSeal’s rotary seals are certified to the requirements of both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Per these institutions, CinchSeal products are safe for use with dairy, poultry, and all baby formula formulations.

What sets CinchSeal rotary seals apart from potential alternatives?

When it comes to keeping product in and contaminants out of industrial mixing and conveying machines, you simply won’t get the same results with other seal designs. CinchSeal rotary shaft seals prioritize these three essential principles:

  • Safety – We are dedicated to providing top-tier performance that prevents product leakage and contamination.
  • Productivity – We work to ensure that our seals provide minimal interruptions to workflow, maximizing productivity by minimizing downtime for repairs.
  • Cost savings – A considerable amount of money is saved over the lifetime of our rotary seal products through the reduction of maintenance and replacements.

Experienced and reputable rotary seal manufacturers

For over 25 years, CinchSeal has provided top-notch rotary shaft seal products for a wide variety of equipment types. For more information about our industrial seal solutions, contact us today.

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