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How CinchSeal Rotary Shaft Seals Make Ribbon Blenders More Efficient

Today, bulk food production is standard in America. A lot of the products that you find on the store shelves have been mixed in a big piece of industrial equipment called a ribbon blender. The rotary shaft seals in the industrial ribbon blenders are what keeps the machine running smoothly, while keeping the products inside safe and uncontaminated. Here’s a closer look at how CinchSeal’s custom rotary shaft seals make ribbon blenders more efficient.

What’s a Ribbon Blender?

A ribbon blender is an industrial trough for blending products together. The horizontal trough has a shaft through the middle of it that has mixing blades attached to it. The blades have a double helical (ribbon) design.

Ribbon blenders are used in a variety of applications, like the food processing industry, making chemical mixtures, dry cleaning powders, and cement.

How a Ribbon Blender Works

The shaft inside the ribbon blender is rotated, spinning the ribbon blades. Products closer to the shaft move in one direction and the products further away from the shaft move in the opposite direction. This creates an even blend of products, whether the machine is mixing dry cake mixes to be boxed up or a slurry paste for yogurt. The trough, shaft and blades are usually constructed from stainless steel or other high-quality metals, to prevent contamination and to make them easy to clean between uses.

What is a Ribbon Blender rotary shaft seal

Where Do Rotary Shaft Seals Come In?

Remember the shaft inside the ribbon blender, which has the blades attached to it? It requires a shaft seal on one or both ends, depending on the design of the ribbon blender. Rotary shaft seals are what keeps the product inside the ribbon blender’s trough where they remain uncontaminated. CinchSeal offers several types of seals that prolong the life of the ribbon blender by eliminating shaft wear caused by packing and providing easy installation and maintenance.

Importance of Rotary Shaft Seals

Imagine what could happen to a food processing & manufacturing business if their only rotary blender doesn’t have a tight shaft seal. If products leak out from inside the trough, the bearings in the machine could eventually be fouled and it will lead to a catastrophic failure. Your business would be shut down until after the new parts arrive and the ribbon blender is repaired. An even worse scenario would be if some unwanted product leaks into the trough due to a poor seal and contaminates your product. Then you would possibly be looking at a product recall, safety inspections and potential lawsuits. Take our word for it — those rotary seals are important

Ribbon Blenders & Rotary Shaft Seals are a Perfect Match

  • Ribbon blenders have broad food service and industrial applications
  • Rotary shaft seals are vital for prolonged machine life
  • Rotary shaft seals prevent contamination and product leakage
  • Ribbon blenders and shaft seals withstand heat up to 400 F, allowing a continuous machine operation 
  • Rotary shaft seals provide fast, easy repairs and maintenance 
  • Rotary shaft seals reduce ribbon blender downtime and lost productivity
  • Rotary shaft seals provide a fast ROI

Industrial Seal Solutions

Custom engineering of industrial seals normally takes up to ten days. At CinchSeal, we will get you a quote and a drawing of your custom mechanical seal within 24 hours. Contact us today to learn more about our seals for industrial applications at 1-(856) 209-2689 or online for your quote!