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What To Know About The CinchSeal 9700 Series Of Rotary Shaft Seals


Rotary shaft seals have a simple job: keep the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. A bad seal can be costly in many ways include lost product, contaminated product, frequent maintenance, housekeeping headaches and more. So, it’s smart to invest in seals that do the job better longer. CinchSeal 9700 series seals, developed to seal slurry and blending equipment, are the focus here.

What Makes The 9700 Series Shaft Seals Different?

You can begin and end with the technology and design. CinchSeal 9700 series rotary shaft seals mark an innovative advance over older-style seals, such as the 75007600 & 7800 series of rotary shaft seals. Technological and design advancements have led to the elimination of:

• Product leakage

• Housekeeping problems

• Bearing and drive failure

• Shaft wear and damage

• Hazardous vapor and dust leakage

Other benefits include:

• Easy installation without equipment removal

• Longer seal life

• Reduced maintenance and replacement costs

• Higher productivity

These benefits, along with the 9700 series’ stainless steel construction, make the seals ideal for use in the food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. They meet USDA standards for indirect food contact.

What Are The 9700 series’ Technological and Design Advancements?

In one way, it’s a split decision. For ease of installation, CinchSeal 9700 series rotary shaft seals are designed split. These split rotary shaft seals can be disassembled easily for batch or weekly cleaning. Economical rebuild kits help meet sanitation requirements.

But the core of the advances appears in the core of the seal. The 9700 line of shaft seals shares some important innovative features with other CinchSeal products. These features provide designed-in benefits, such as:

• Elimination of product leakage by means of an FDA-approved silicone elastomer that moves with the shaft. Because it turns with the shaft rather than remaining stationary and therefore causes friction, it doesn’t damage the shaft, introducing routes for leakage.

• Blockage of leak paths with mineral-filled PTFE rotor cups that add to the effectiveness of the silicon elastomer by pressing against stationary faces with optimal load. The PTFE rotary shaft seal rotor cups are boot-mounted and allow the rotary assembly to float with the shaft and manage the 1/4” misalignment that often happens with bulk handling equipment.

• Inherent self-cleaning and self-lubrication, so the seals operate dry.

• Split internal parts that allow repairs without unbolting the housing, saving time and maintenance costs.

• Economical repair kits that renew the seal using ony new elastomer and stator plates.

• Purging with plant air, nitrogen or silicon grease to create higher pressure inside than outside the seal, allowing the high pressure mechanical shaft seals seals to do their job under challenging conditions.

• Use of a large shaft-seal interface surface to further reduce the possibility of leakage.

Additionally, to meet the unique needs of processors and manufacturers, custom rotary shaft seals are available from CinchSeal. All the benefits of 9700 series seals are can be obtained in seals designed to fit virtually any requirement. There’s no need to depend on “standard” equipment that might not exactly suit the situation.

What’s the Bottom Line on Rotary Shaft Seals?

The purpose of a rotary seals is simple. The execution—not so much. Rotary shaft seals don’t get much glory, but they have a tough challenge to overcome. CinchSeal 9700 series seals do it with:

• Innovative all-metal design that eliminates shaft damage while ensuring a solid seal and long service life

• Split-seal design that makes maintenance and replacement fast and simple, saving time and money

• Low-cost rebuild kits for meeting sanitation requirements

Since 1994, CinchSeal has been a major manufacturer of  high speed PTFE rotary shaft seals for screw conveyors, ribbon blenders and all kinds of bulk handling equipment. CinchSeal products service as replacements and major upgrades that make the need for machine replacement less likely.

More information is available by contacting CinchSealQuotes and drawings are guaranteed to be available in 24 hours. Custom engineering usually takes 10 days.

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