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How Rotary Shaft Seals Eliminated This Brewery’s Water and Product Leakage Problems


A major brewery facing production issues due to leaking spent grain conveyors needed a solution. They turned to CinchSeal and found the remedy in our rotating seal technology.

The brewery in question had seen extensive water and product leakage due to bearing failure and shaft wear. This issue greatly affected their manufacturing operation, slowing efficiency through frequent unscheduled maintenance and product loss. The leaking water additionally posed a major safety hazard to workers. The remedy? CinchSeal’s 7520 air-purged rotary shaft seal.

The results were immediate:

  • Eliminated product loss
  • Eliminated unscheduled downtime for maintenance
  • Eliminated bearing failure and shaft wear
  • Improved safety and housekeeping

The 7520 CinchSeal advanced rotary shaft seal eliminated their leakage and product loss issues, creating a safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective production line.

How It Works

The 7520 CinchSeal is part of an extensive line of high-speed rotary shaft seals. Various shaft seal types are designed to address different industrial needs and applications. The 7520 is intended for slurries and very abrasive applications.

The seal’s solid elastomer is made of FDA-approved silicone and built to withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s built at a slightly smaller shaft size so a tight interference fit is established, preventing material from migrating past the seal.

The 7520 rotary seal is air-purged at 5-7 PSI above the pressure in the vessel, helping to further maintain the seal.

CinchSeal Benefits

When your manufacturing facility purchases a CinchSeal shaft seal, the benefits include:

  • Repair Rather than Replace: Using our seal repair kits, you’ll reduce wear and tear on your machines, extending their lifespan.
  • Self-Installation: Easy install prevents the need for third party installers, saving on costs.
  • No Maintenance Required: Unique self-adjusting design allows the seal to run for thousands of hours without maintenance.
  • Better Design: Our design approach leads to longer product lifespan and less wear and tear. Among our innovative design features are:
    • Larger surface for shaft/seal interface
    • Boot-mounted rotor cups that allow the rotary assemble to float with the shaft, eliminating misalignment issues, The 7520 rotor cups are made of aluminum that’s hard-coated to achieve a 62 on the Rockwell hardness scale.
    • An elastometer that spins with the shaft, preventing shaft damage
    • The ability for self-cleaning and self-lubrication
    • Split internal parts that allow for repair work without the need to unbolt the housing
  • Power Savings: Our seals conserve power. The 7500 series uses 30 percent less power than packing seals and will not undercut shafts.
  • Cost Savings: By eliminating product loss, greatly reducing maintenance costs and preventing shaft damage and bearing failure, you improve production efficiency and save time and money.
  • Certification: Our products are certified by the USDA for dairy, meat and poultry production. The materials used in our elastomers, rotor cups and stators are FDA-approved and food-grade-compliant.

Why CinchSeal?

With CinchSeal product, your manufacturing facility will discover the same impact and benefits as our brewery customer.

  • Resolution of critical manufacturing issues
  • Unique design and function to protect and preserve equipment
  • Improved efficiency, power savings, and cost savings

For 25 years, CinchSeal has been delivering manufacturing solutions to many industries. Our advanced rotary shaft seals are designed to help our customers with their most pressing production challenges. Our customer-focused team guarantees delivery of quotes and drawings within 24 hours. To learn more about CinchSeal, contact us today.

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