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4 Reasons To Buy CinchSeal’s Rotary Shaft Seals


In food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, or any industry that values keeping product inside and contamination out of bulk handling equipment, rotary shaft seals offer four cost-saving benefits:

  • Fast return on investment
  • No material loss during processing
  • Reduced downtime
  • Elimination of shaft wear

Our rotary shaft seals mark a revolutionary advancement in industrial sealing. Traditional sealing methods can cause damage to mixer shafts over time. Lip seals and mechanical packing don’t hold up under high pressure, require frequent maintenance and replacement, and are prone to costly leaks.

Here is how CinchSeal’s industrial seal solutions are different:

  • They eliminate shaft wear and minimize repairs
  • Most seals are designed to grab the shaft in order to stop leakage, so they cause friction damage. CinchSeal rotary shaft seals feature a silicone elastomer that moves with the shaft, thus preventing friction and reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Eliminating damage to the shaft means less chance of leakage. This benefit is enhanced by a large shaft/seal interface surface that further reduces the possibility of leakage.
  • CinchSeal seals stop material loss and cuts costs

How much of your product and its components winds up wasted because of leaky seals? This problem isn’t only a consequence of damage to the shaft because of friction with a stationary seal. It’s also the result of poor performance under high pressure and deterioration from operation in harsh environments.

CinchSeal rotary shaft seals provide polished stainless steel-plate and PTFE rotor cups that contribute to preventing leaks. They hold against high pressure because they use air purging to push the rotors against the stator. The purging keeps higher pressure inside the seal, rather than outside.

Reducing downtime improves production

Now think about the downtime you have to put up with for shaft and seal repair or replacement, all because your seals don’t have the features CinchSeal rotary shaft seals offer. CinchSeal seals eliminate leakage and damage to the shaft. But there’s more to it than that.

Nothing lasts forever, and CinchSeal seals are no exception. But they last a lot longer, and they’re easier to fix. Consider the “split” design of some CinchSeal products. It makes installation and conversion simple. You don’t even need to bring in outside installers — your production goes up as your downtime goes down.

Rapid ROI saves money

All the above add up to an impressive ROI.

Think about it. Frequent repair and replacement, material waste from leakage, cleanup from contamination—they all have an impact on your return on investment. It takes longer to get your money back and start to make a profit.

An alternative seal might be cheaper up front, but the back-end costs can be substantial. Going with a seal that has been engineered to last and perform is the better business decision.

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A quick look at some CinchSeal products

So which CinchSeal rotary shaft seal or supporting product is right for your business? Here are some some rotary shaft seals by size and application:

  • 7500 Series: The unique self-adjusting design means these seals require no maintenance. They’re perfect for  industrial  screw conveyors, bucket elevators and other bulk solid applications.
  • 7600 Series: Also ideal for screw conveyors, bucket elevators and other bulk handling equipment, these solid aluminum seals work for larger shaft sizes, from 3.937” to 6.00”.
  • 7800 Series: Made from 316 stainless steel, 7800 Series rotary shaft seals handle dry and slurry products for the food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.
  • 9700 SS Split Shaft Seal: This seal is for food processing and pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing requiring stainless steel. It meets USDA standards for indirect food contact and the requirements for caustic wash-downs and sanitation.
  • Cartridge Seal: CinchSeal’s Cartridge Seals replace lip seals on screw conveyor dive adapter plates, such as Dodge, Linkbelt and Falk. It is custom-made for specific applications.
  • Air Regulator: Designed for air-purged CinchSeal seals with low-pressure gauge reading, the regulator is compact with full gauge ports and a low-torque, non-rising adjusting knob. The kit has all the necessary fittings and requires no tools for disassembly.

A few takeaways

Before you make your next seal purchase, consider these points:

  • A CinchSeal rotary shaft seal is engineered to perform. It will last longer and give you a superior ROI.
  • Installing a CinchSeal rotary shaft seal means you have ensured no loss from leakage and no contamination of your product.
  • CinchSeal rotary seals give you a solution that saves repair costs, prevents downtime and keeps your production high.

Rotary Shaft Seal Manufacturers

Since 1994, CinchSeal has been a major manufacturer of rotary shaft seals for screw conveyorsribbon blenders and all kinds of bulk handling equipment. CinchSeal products serve as replacements for pieces and major upgrades for operations in a variety of industries. They make the need for machine replacement less likely.

Where To Buy a Seal

If you want to buy a seal or want more information, contact CinchSeal. Quotes and drawings are guaranteed to be available in 24 hours. Custom engineering usually takes 10 days.

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